Top WSET Level 2 QuestionS - All you need to know before booking

Is the WSET level 2 a relevant wine course?

Yes! The WSET Level 2 course is an amazing beginner to intermediate level qualification that explores wines and spirits for those working in the industry or wine and spirits lovers.

I want to start A wine career. Would this course help me?

The WSET level 2 course is the best way to start your wine career. The WSET level 2 course is open to all kinds of students. However, the WSET level 2 course is particularly relevant if you are looking for a job in the wine industry.

Why Wine Training School is so different from the other schools?

We offer a premium learning experience when it comes to wine courses. In our school, we have a focus on modern teaching and the most important thing for us is the student involvement.

Do I need any previous knowledge to enrol this course?

You don’t need any previous wine knowledge to join our WSET level 2 London course. This qualification is open to all kind of students that have a passion for wine learning.

In which language the course is taught?

All the WSET level 2 courses are taught in English. A good level of English is very relevant to understand the contents of the wine books.

Where is the WSET level 2 course is taught?

All our WSET level 2 courses are taught at the Corinthia Hotel in Central London. This is a beautiful 5 Star hotel in the heart of London. Our location is just minutes away from Trafalgar Square and the river Thames. The closest underground station is Embankment.

I am not based in London. Can I book a room at the hotel during the days of the course?

Yes, all the students are more than welcome to book their own accommodation if they want to. This is not included in the price of the course.

What is the duration of the course?

The WSET level 2 course is a two-day weekend course that teaches the fundamentals of wine. The duration of the entire course is 16 hours over a weekend - (Saturday and Sunday).

Do we have any breaks during the day?

Yes, you will have several breaks during the day. A 60 minutes lunch break is scheduled on Saturday and Sunday.

Is this weekend format an intense type of course?

Yes, this is an intense format. After years of teaching, we believe that this set up is very convenient for all kind of students that want to learn about wine in a condense and relevant way.

What are the timings for the lessons over the weekend?

All our WSET level 2 courses start from 10:00 am until 18:00 pm. It is very important to be on time since we have 2 days of intense wine learning.

How many students do you have in your classes?

We run small-size groups of 15 students maximum to allow all our students to have a real interaction with our teachers. This is something that we are very proud of since it’s very common to find other wine schools with an average of 25 students per class.

How can I book the course?

You can book your WSET level 2 course on our website. Click here:

Would you send me an invoice after the booking?

Yes, we will send you an invoice confirming your purchase and the date that you selected for your course.

Can I get a confirmation of my booking?

You will receive an immediate confirmation of your booking once you complete the checkout on our website.

Do I have to study before the beginning of the course?

Yes, it’s really important that you read the wine books before the weekend course. You need to allocate a minimum of 15 hours of self-study before the start of the course. Please be aware that the weekend course format is intense. It requires a commitment from the student prior the course in order to improve their own learning experience over the actual “wine” weekend.

How can I get the WSET level 2 books?

After your booking is completed, you will receive the WSET level 2 study packs within a couple of days if you live in the United Kingdom. If you are an international student, the books will arrive within 7 seven days after your booking.

Is there any wine tasting involved?

Yes, you will have an extensive tasting over the weekend. The number of wines that you will taste will be between 30 to 35 samples. We are very proud of the high quality of all of our wine samples. We carefully select the best wines that can represent the origin and the typicity that is required for you to learn in the best way possible.

Do you teach any food and wine pairing?

We have a session covering the basic principles of food and wine pairing. This is a very interesting part of the course because we taste wines with different ingredients in order to understand this interaction using a practical approach.

What are the main subjects that you covered during the course?

We cover the entire syllabus of the WSET level 2 course.
Here is a brief list of the contents:
WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting, food and wine pairing, service and storage of wine, wine labels, factors that influence the style of wine, grape varieties, key white grape varieties, key black grape varieties, key wine-producing regions in the world, sparkling wines, fortified wines and sweet wines.

When is the examination takes place?

You will take your examination at the end of the second day of the course – on Sunday.

How is the exam?

The exam is a multiple-choice paper of 50 questions.

What is the pass mark?

A mark of 55% required to pass.

Do you have other marks apart from the pass?

Yes, we have pass with Merit if the students achieved between 70% and 84%. Also, you can achieve Distinction if you have more than 85%.

What is your SCHOOL pass rate for this course?

Our pass rate for the last academic year was 98%!

If I pass the examination, what will I receive?

All students who pass will receive a certificate and a lapel pin.

When will I get my results?

We will send you an email letting you know your final result up to 4 weeks from the date that you sat the examination.

What can I do if I fail the exam?

Don’t worry! You can re-take the examination with us at any time. Please send us an email to know when the next available date is to re-sit the examination. There is an administration fee of £100 ex.vat to book your re-sit.

Can I transfer the course to a later date if I can’t come to the actual date that I booked?

Yes, you can. There is an administration fee of £100 ex.vat to transfer your course. Make sure that you send us an email to request the transfer of your course.

What is your cancellation policy and how can I get a refund?

There is no refund policy on cancellations once booked.

Can you help me with a student VISA?

No, the Wine Training School does not issue VISAs. Please make sure to check your immigration requirements before you book the course with us.

Can I book the WSET level 2 as gift for another person to attend the course?

Yes, sure! We will be very happy to issue a gift voucher. This is an extremely popular gift that will make your special person very happy!

If I have more questions, how can I contact the Wine Training School?

If you have any question about the WSET level 2 course, feel free to send us an email to or give us a call on +44 7411005378.